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Mechanic checking garbage disposal pipe

Your garbage disposal is one of the most critical elements of your kitchen plumbing system. When properly maintained, your garbage disposal will help you eliminate food waste easily and efficiently. Unfortunately, there are several common garbage disposal maintenance mistakes that can lead to a major plumbing emergency. If your kitchen plumbing is in need of repairs, be sure to contact Triple-T Heating & Cooling. We provide the Spanish Fork area with a terrific range of repair services, including AC repairs and septic system repairs. To help you ensure that your kitchen plumbing is working great, here is an overview of some tips for maintaining your garbage disposal.

Practice Proper Operation

To keep your garbage disposal in great shape, it is important to operate your unit with the proper amount of care. Each time you use your disposal, you should let cold water run down the drain before you send any waste through the system. After all of the waste has been cleared, let the cold water run for a few seconds before you shut the disposal off.

Avoid Clogging Your Pipes

While your garbage disposal is equipped to handle many types of food waste, there are certain items that should never be sent down the drain. Cooking grease can clog your pipes and cause a major plumbing emergency. Other items, such as starchy or stringy foods, should also be thrown in the trash, rather than sent down the drain.

Clean Your System

In order to maintain your garbage disposal, it is a great idea to clean your system on a routine basis. To clean your disposal, you can put hot soapy water through your system at least once every day. If your blades seem dull, you can process ice cubes in your disposal. The friction caused by the ice will sharpen the blades and help your system run smoothly.