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Free Water Heater with Purchase of High Efficiency HVAC System Install

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Triple-T Heating Is Here to Keep Your Home Warm

Throughout the winter monthsWashington and Utah County, UT experience an average low temperature of 10 degrees. So ensuring that your heating system is in working order is Triple-Ts top priority. We offer regular maintenance services and inspections for a reliable heating system that keeps your family warm throughout the winter. However, sometimes maintenance and inspections arent enough, and a new heating system may need to be installed. Our highly trained and qualified team is here to offer you comprehensive heating installation services for residents throughout the area. When we visit your home, we can quickly and accurately identify the issue with your heating system and make recommendations on a new system based on your budget and your home’s size. Our experienced professionals offer installation services that are fast and reliable, so you can have peace of mind making it through the cold winter with your family. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency heating system installation needs. Contact us today to get started with an estimate for your replacement heater.  

Warning Signs of a Failing Heating System

With over 40 years of experience helping to replace and install heating systems throughout homes in Washington and Utah County, our HVAC specialists have seen it all regarding faulty home heating systems. As a homeowner, you must recognize the tell-tale signs that your heating system is beginning to fail. Understanding the issues will allow you to be more proactive about your replacement service and save you from the stress of a last-second replacement. Not only that, it will enable you to budget for your new installation.

Some signs you may be due for a furnace replacement or heater replacement include:

  • Home Isnt Heating Evenly – Does the temperature throughout your home vary? In some cases, uneven heating can be caused by insulation issues, faulty ductwork, or furniture blocking a heating vent. However, it can be a warning sign that your homes heating system is beginning to fail. If you notice a change in temperature throughout your home, its best to have a licensed professional come and take a look at your homes heating system.  
  • Heating System Require Frequent Repair – If youre spending hundreds of dollars on repairs to maintain your heating system every year, then its time to think about installing a new system. Stopgap measures can prolong the life of your heater, but youll begin to notice a significant drop in inefficiency. Our technicians will be upfront with you before performing a repair on whether the cost is worth it for your furnace or heater’s age and state 
  • Rise In Monthly Heating Bill – If your home heating costs seem to rise significantly every year, it may mean your homes heating system is working harder to heat your home. The technicians at Triple-T Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical can provide you with expert advice on the right system that will provide you with energy savings.  
  • Heater Is More than 10 Years Old – Older heating units are less energyefficient and less effective than new models because of advances in technology, and the impact age can have on heating systems. If your heating system is more than ten years old, you may want to replace it with a newer, high-efficiency model to save you energy and money.  
  • Heating System Is Loud – Furnaces and heating systems shouldnt make much noise. If your heating system is loud, then it could mean there is a faulty part or its working harder than it should be. Contact us today to determine if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced
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Does Your Ductwork Need to Be Replaced? 

If the temperature of the rooms in your home are inconsistent or your system is simply blowing cold air, you may not have an issue with your furnace. Instead, it might be a problem with your systems ductwork. Luckily, the team at Triple-T Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical has the knowledge and experience to ensure the ductwork is properly installed and insulated to provide comfort in your home. Our honest and reliable technicians will come to your home and give an honest assessment of your homes heating system, including ductwork, so there are no surprise costs during your installation or repair.  Contact our team today to get started with your installation service.  

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What Are the Benefits of a New Home Heating System? 

Some homeowners may be on the fence about installing a new heating system because they are unsure if the value outweighs the cost. At Triple-T Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, we can assure you, if you have an old or faulty heating system installing a new one will provide you with many benefits. Before installing a new heating system, we can provide you with recommendations on the right one for your home and budget. Learn more about the benefits a new home heating system will provide to you and your family.  

  • Save On Monthly Bills – Upgrading your old clunky home heating unit with an energy-efficient one will help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over its lifetime. While the upfront cost of replacing your unit may seem expensive, the saving youll receive cannot be understated. Our energyefficient models offer better heating at a fraction of the cost. At Triple-T Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, our trained technicians have the knowledge to help you choose a new environmentally friendly, energy-efficient model.  
  • Peace of Mind – Most notably, a new heating unit provides you and your family with peace of mind knowing youll be safe throughout Utahs cold winters.
  • More Comfortable Living – Maybe you dont plan on moving anytime soon. Well, a new heating unit will provide you and your family with years of comfort. According to the same study, 54% of homeowners had a great sense of joy while at home. Fall in love with your home again with a new heating unit installation.  
  • Improve the Value of Your Home – Homebuyers are always looking for ways to reduce their monthly energy costs, and a new heating unit is a significant value add to your home. According to a 2019 study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS®, HVAC projects were among the topmost sought-after upgrades by homebuyers. And 7% of realtors said it helped them close the deal on the home sale.  
Technician Working on Air Conditioner - Triple-T Plumbing, Heating & Air in Utah & Washington

The Installation Process

With over 40 years of experience providing home heating installation services for residents throughout the area, the team at Triple-T Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical has helped hundreds of residents with the HVAC service needs, including furnace installation. Most of our installations take about two to five days to complete. So you can enjoy a comfortable home. Our technicians take every precaution to ensure your home’s protection while we are there and leave your home in better condition than when we arrived. We are licensed and insured, so you know that you can trust us to deliver an excellent experience. Your installation process is comprehensive, and we double and triple-check every step to ensure youre satisfied with the install. Our team will: 

  • Evaluate your homes space to ensure youre getting the right furnace.  
  • Confirm that the ductwork conforms to your new heater unit.  
  • Remove your homes old furnace.  
  • Install the new furnace. 
  • Connect the gas line and check for leaks. 
  • Connect the ductwork.  
  • Properly seal all connections.  
  • Connect it to the thermostat.  
  • Remove your old furnace. 

Should I Use a Space Heater to Heat My Home? 

Many homeowners choose to use space heaters to heat their homes. While space heaters may be seen as a stopgap method for your home heating needs, its not a permanent solution. Space heaters require a lot of electricity to run and dont necessarily have the power required to heat larger rooms, making it less efficient than a central heating system. More importantly, space heaters pose a substantial fire hazard for homeowners. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) suggests more than 25,000 residential fires are caused by space heaters each year. Dont endanger you and your family with an inefficient heating source. Instead, contact our team to install a new heating system for your home.  

How Expensive Is a New Heating System? 

We understand the prospect of replacing your old, broken, or faulty heating system can be financially daunting. Thats why were happy to provide financing options through EnerBank USA for homeowners who qualify. Learn more about our financing options when you contact us today. We believe everyone should feel safe and comfortable throughout the winter season with flexible payment options, including: 

  • No Payment, No Interest Option for 12 Months 
  • 5 Year Loan with 6.99% APR 
  • 7 Year Loan with 6.99% APR 

ChoosAn Award-Winning Heating System Installation Company

When it comes time to install your new heating system, you should trust the expert technicians at Triple-T Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical. With over 40 years of experience, we have helped residents throughout Washington & Utah County, Utah enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that comes with a new heating system. No job is too big or too small for our capable team, and we are available 24/7 for all of your emergency installation needs. Whether youre a new or returning customer, we treat everyone with the same honesty and respectOur dedication to expert customer service has been recognized over the years with awards from the Chamber of Commerce and American StandardDiscover why so many homeowners throughout the area choose us for all of their heating installation needs. Contact us today to schedule your repair or installation service.  

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