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If you’re moving soon, you have a lot to consider before listing your house on the market. You may not be keen on pouring oodles of cash into a property you’re about to vacate, but certain upgrades are crucial to attract buyers and avoid troublesome home inspections.

One such upgrade is adding a new heating and cooling system. HVAC replacement can increase home value and help your property stand out from the rest. Find out more about installing a new furnace and air conditioner and how it can help you sell your home.

How Much Can HVAC Replacement Increase Home Value?

Depending on the age and condition of your existing furnace and air conditioner, you can expect a roughly 35% to 50% return on investment. This means you can raise the asking price of your house by up to half of the HVAC installation cost.

But more importantly, you can advertise the new heating and cooling system in your real estate listing. If a buyer is debating putting an offer on your house and another similar property, your brand-new HVAC equipment could be the tiebreaker.

What are Buyers Looking for in a New HVAC System?

  • Reliability: The first question most homebuyers ask is, “Does it work?” This question applies to kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems. They want to know they’re buying a home where everything works as expected. That’s why a new furnace and air conditioner are so attractive to buyers.
  • Lower energy costs: The prospect of lower heating and cooling bills greatly appeals to homebuyers. Consider that modern HVAC systems are up to twice as efficient as older, worn-out ones. Buyers know this, which is one reason they place such value in new heating and cooling equipment.
  • Low maintenance: Most homebuyers today crave a low-maintenance lifestyle, leaving them free to enjoy life to the fullest rather than spending evenings and weekends doing chores. A new HVAC system doesn’t need maintenance for at least six months, and the tune-ups it requires should be simple and affordable.
  • Clean refrigerant: In January 2020, the production of new R-22 refrigerant (Freon) was banned. The only R-22 left in circulation is what can be recycled from current supplies. As a result, the cost to recharge an R-22 air conditioner has skyrocketed. If your central AC was installed before 2010, chances are it runs on R-22, a big turn-off for potential buyers. Put your best foot forward by installing a new air conditioner powered by R-410A (Puron), a much cleaner, more cost-effective refrigerant.
  • Smart technology: Young buyers are particularly attracted to homes with smart features, including Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats. This technology lets users monitor and adjust the temperature from anywhere using a smartphone. Most models are also compatible with smart speakers, allowing for voice-activated control while at home.
  • Zoning: If any rooms are difficult to keep comfortable, it may be wise to install a zoning system before selling your home. This incorporates multiple thermostats and dampers in the ductwork to direct heating and cooling where you need it, providing optimal control of home comfort and energy efficiency.

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Sells

If your current system is under 10 years old and still runs reliably, it may not be necessary to replace your HVAC equipment before you move. Instead, you should prioritize HVAC maintenance to give potential homebuyers peace of mind that the system is dependable, even if it’s not brand-new.

How to Choose a New HVAC System

If you decide a replacement is in your best interest, follow this process to help you choose the right HVAC equipment before selling your home:

  • System type: Most Utah homes have a traditional furnace/air conditioner combination. However, there are many other ways to heat and cool your home, including heat pumps, dual-fuel systems, ductless mini-splits, boilers, and geothermal heat pumps. Work with an HVAC professional to help you make the most cost-effective upgrade as you prepare to sell your home.
  • Brand: Even if you don’t have a preference, most buyers are more comfortable seeing an HVAC brand they’ve heard of. That’s why it’s best to stick with a name-brand system.
  • Fuel type: Air conditioners and heat pumps run on electricity, while furnaces and boilers can operate on natural gas, oil, propane, or electricity. Depending on how your HVAC system is currently powered, you may want to stick with the same fuel type or change to something more cost-effective.
  • Efficiency rating: Newly installed HVAC equipment must meet efficiency standards, but going above and beyond the minimum promises more energy savings for the buyer.
  • Size: It’s important to size your new HVAC system according to your home’s square footage, air-tightness, window layout, orientation, and other features. This is especially true if your current equipment was never sized properly or your home has undergone renovations since your furnace and air conditioner were installed.
  • Advanced features: HVAC equipment that comes with a Wi-Fi thermostat or zoning capability gives you more ways to optimize the system before listing your home on the market.

Maintain or Replace Your HVAC System in Utah County or Washington County, UT

Whether you decide to install new heating and cooling equipment or tune up your HVAC system one final time before moving, Triple T Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help. Our certified technicians offer expert installation and maintenance services you can rely on. Rest assured that we warranty all parts and labor for 12 months and provide a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee. Plus, if you sign up for a maintenance agreement from us, your contract will transfer to the family who purchases your home.

For more help deciding if you should replace your HVAC system, or to schedule services with Triple T, please contact us today. You can reach us at 801-790-0460 if you live in Utah County or at 435-216-1608 for Washington County residents.