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The Cost of Heating a Home

With winter comes cold weather, and with the cold comes high heating bills. It becomes a delicate balance sometimes, keeping your family comfortable while keeping your budget intact. What’s the solution? The good news is that you don’t have to freeze to save money. We’ve got some helpful tips to help you reduce your heating bill while staying cozy all winter long.


Cold & Upset Man sitting on a sofa with a Heating bill

1. Invest in Energy-Efficient Heating Options

The first, and perhaps most obvious solution is to consider the different types of heating systems and decide if yours is the most economical option. If you are looking for cheap heating, a heat pump may be the ideal solution. Because they are more efficient than traditional gas furnaces, heat pumps are some of the most economical heating units for home, keeping the house warm while staying within budget. Of course, the up front costs of purchasing and installing a heat pump can be expensive, but if you use a heat pump calculator to compare the long term costs with your current system, you are likely to see that you come out ahead. If it isn’t in your budget to replace your furnace right now, read on for some tips on saving money while working with your current system.

2. Seal Up Air Leaks

If you have air leaking out of and into your house, you’re going to have trouble controlling the temperature. Do a thorough inspection, looking for any gaps or holes where air could escape. Walls, windows, ceilings, doors, light fixtures, outlets, switches, weather stripping- leave no stone unturned. One good way to look for leaks is to hold a lighted candle near the suspected leak. If the flame flickers, there is an air leak. Fortunately, fixing leaks is not too difficult. Weather stripping and caulk should do the trick, and these inexpensive fixes can save up to 20 percent on your heating bill. While you’re at it, check the insulation in your attic, to make sure you’re not losing air through the roof.

3. Program the Thermostat

Did you know that dropping the temperature in your home by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day can save you as much as 10 percent each year on heating? When you are headed to work, or off for a day out with the family, or away for the weekend, bump the thermostat down. To make this really simple, install a programmable thermostat. These thermostats will make these changes for you, and many will allow you to control the temperature remotely, using an app.

4. Let the Light In

Make the most of sunlight, opening your blinds and curtains to let the sun heat your home. As a bonus, you’ll be bringing some vitamin D into your house as well! When the sun warms your home, the heater won’t kick in, and your bill will be lower. Make sure to put your window coverings back in place when the sun goes down, though, or you’ll lost all that valuable heat.

5. Shut Doors in Unused Rooms

If there is a room in your house that is not being used, close the door. It is the same principle as turning off lights in a room you’re not using; there’s no need to heat a room no one is occupying. This is a simple way to save on your heating bill.

6. Put on Some Socks

There’s no reason to wear warm weather clothing indoors when the weather outside is frightful. Go ahead and wear a cardigan, some cozy flannel pajamas, or your favorite thick socks. You’ll feel snuggly warm without overworking your heater. Bonus points if you sip a hot beverage to warm you from the inside out!

7. Get Cooking

In the summer, it’s fun to grill out and keep the kitchen from getting too hot. In the winter, though, baking and cooking will help heat up the house. You can even open the door once the oven is turned off, to allow residual heat to escape and further warm the room. Don’t use the oven just to heat the house, and never leave it running while it’s not in use, but take advantage of the cold weather to make delicious home cooked meals and tasty baked goods, warming the house as you do.

8. Buy Curtains and Shades

Just as opening the shades to let the sun in to warm your house can save heating dollars, not having window coverings can cause you to lose money. When it’s cold and dreary outside, about 30 percent of your heating loss happens through the windows. Thick curtains and shades can insulate drafty windows, helping you keep the warm air inside, so your heater doesn’t have to work as hard.

9. Replace the Filters

Change your filters regularly, and you’ll see an improvement in your energy costs. The filters in your HVAC system do a great job of filtering out impurities, pulling the dust, hair, pet dander, and debris out of your home. If they’re not changed, though, they can become clogged. This makes your system have to work harder, just to do its job. Change your filters according to manufacturer’s instructions. Then, twice a year, have an inspection and maintenance done by a heating and cooling professional.

Triple-T Meets Your Heating Needs

Whether you are ready to install a new heating system or your heater needs maintenance or repair, you can trust Triple-T Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing to handle all your heating needs. Since 1974, our family-owned and operated business has been committed to serving our community, providing the very best heating, air conditioning, air quality, and plumbing services. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we continually train our employees so that we’re always up to date with the latest technology. When you’re ready for “Service Beyond Expectations”, contact us for all your plumbing, air quality, and HVAC needs.