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As the weather cools in Utah, a furnace becomes one of the most important attributes in your home. If you want to keep your furnace in the best possible working condition, you’ll need to do two things: (1) have preventative maintenance done regularly, and (2) know the signs that repairs may be needed.

While performing periodic maintenance on your furnace will help to keep it in running strong, it can still need occasional repairs or replacement as it ages. If you know the signs of some of the most common furnace problems, you may be able to get your furnace fixed before it’s too late.

Low or No Airflow

If you notice a low airflow or the furnace shuts down completely, you may need to have the filter replaced. The filter should be changed periodically to increase efficiency and allow it to run cleaner. If you haven’t had the filter changed in a long time, then a reduced airflow could be an indication that it’s time for replacement.

Unusually High Utility Bills

Rate hikes and cold temperatures may cause your utility bills to rise moderately. But energy companies aren’t the only culprits for high utility bill. If you notice that your bills have been unusually high for a month or two, this may be a sign your furnace is not operating properly.

The issue could be something as simple as a clogged filter, but it could also be something far more serious – so it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your furnace and perform maintenance.

Odd Noises

If your furnace begins to make strange noises, especially when it turns on initially, it may need to be repaired. Noises such as banging or squealing are not normal and should not be ignored. Moderate sounds are not typically a cause for worry – but if they are loud or increasingly frequent, you should contact a professional.

Strange Odors

Strange odors or apparent fumes are certainly signs that should be given attention. A burner might need to be adjusted, or a nozzle could be clogged. Odd smells or fumes can even indicate that the chimney needs to be cleaned, so hiring a professional to investigate the issue is wise.

Burner Cycle Is Too Frequent

If your burner cycles on more than usual, the furnace may need to be examined. There may be a problem with the thermostat, the blower, or even the setting. A professional can inspect the furnace and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Furnaces sometimes develop problems, and many of the most common furnace issues can be repaired relatively quickly. If you want to keep your furnace in good working order and keep your utility bills down, preventative maintenance is important. Paying close attention to the most common signs of furnace problems can also help you to lengthen the life of your furnace.

Check out our infograph created on signs its time to replace your old furnace.

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