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Basement home insulation work in Washington

A good heating system is a must in any Utah home, but in some cases, new insulation is a better investment than a new HVAC system. After all, what good is a heating system if the warm air isn’t being kept in and the cold air creeps in? Here are just a few reasons why home investing in quality home insulation is so important.

Energy Efficiency

The best reason to invest in insulation is to make your home more energy-efficient. Running a heating system can be expensive, so your home will need to preserve as much heat as possible. A well-insulated home will keep warm air inside your home during the winter so you won’t have to spend as much money and energy to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Insulation will also keep your home cooler in the summer by helping to keep warm air out.

Sound Absorption

Many types of insulation have sound absorption qualities, making them ideal for those who want a quieter home. This will obviously cut down on ambient noises from outside, but the right kind of insulation job could also reduce noises from washing machines, furnaces and other appliances.

A well-insulated home will keep you more comfortable also mean that you don’t have to worry as much about disturbing your neighbors with too much noise or those ‘thin’ walls. While you probably don’t want to push your insulation’s acoustic properties to the limit, with the right insulation, having guests over for a get together isn’t a problem.

Controlling Moisture and Mold

Modern insulation often comes with a vapor-resistant membrane known as a vapor retarder that prevents vapor from condensing into water inside the walls of your home. A vapor retarder is usually attached to a batt of insulation, but it can also be installed separately.

Fiberglass insulation is also resistant to many kinds of mold and mildew, making it a smart choice if you want to prevent mold from growing in your home. Naturally, it’s most effective when combined with a vapor retarder.

Don’t Skimp On Insulation

While the perks of having a brand new heating system installed in your home can’t be denied, proper insulation is an equally sound investment. It will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, reduce noise, control moisture and keep mold and mildew at bay.

There are several different types of insulation available, and installing it is sometimes as simple as sealing gaps with caulk and weather stripping. In addition to walls and crawl spaces, don’t forget to have proper seals and stripping on your doors and windows.

Contact an insulation contractor near you to find out what kind of insulation is right for your home and how it can benefit your family. If you need a referral for a quality Utah home insulation installer, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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