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A well-maintained furnace can last for 15 to 20 years, but it will eventually need to be replaced. This can be difficult for some homeowners since new furnaces can cost several thousand dollars, but buying a more modern heating system will work to your advantage and even save you some money in the long run. Here are just a few reasons why you should upgrade your heating system to a modern system.

Programmable Thermostats

Most modern heating systems come with programmable thermostats. These allow homeowners almost complete control over the temperatures of their homes at all times. If you want to have a warmer house in the evening when your family is more likely to be home and a cooler house during the day when everyone is out, all you have to do is enter one program into the thermostat. It’s far easier than having to adjust the temperature several times throughout the day, and it will help your heating system work more efficiently.

Better Comfort Control

Thanks to modulating gas valves and other modern HVAC technology, it is easier than ever for a heating system to maintain a constant comfortable temperature in all parts of a home. There will still be areas of a house that are warmer or cooler than other rooms, but these temperature differences are significantly reduced by today’s more efficient heating systems.

There are also apps available that allow the convenience of checking and adjusting temperatures from the convenience of your smartphone.

A Quieter System

A noisy furnace can not only be a serious nuisance, but it is usually a sign that there is something wrong with your heating system. If your furnace is making a lot of rattling, clicking or popping sounds, it’s probably time to get a replacement.

Fortunately, today’s innovative, modern heating systems are far quieter than HVAC systems of the past. In fact, many of the most efficient systems available today are virtually silent when they are working; you wouldn’t know they were on if you didn’t feel them.

Environmentally Friendly

Much has been said about the efficiency of modern heating systems, but most of it has been in terms of saving money. Not as much is said about how environmentally friendly many of these systems are. Modern heating systems use about one-third less energy than older systems, which will give your home a smaller carbon footprint even when you’re using your furnace to keep warm in the coldest winter nights.

As expensive as newer furnaces tend to be initially, they provide enough benefits to make the purchase worthwhile. If you have an older furnace that doesn’t work as well as it once did, consider buying an upgrade, experience superior home comfort, and save in the long run with lower energy costs. Your home, family and the environment may all be better for it.