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Stay Cool As Things Heat Up in Utah

During the summer months, your heating system may be the last thing you think of, but it shouldn’t be! Utah summers can get quite hot – residents of Utah County and Washington County know that. But, did you know that the summer months can be tricky times for components like heat pumps? A heat pump might be a misnomer – it does help to keep you cool during the summer after all.

At Triple T, we see the summer as a perfect time to fix heating system problems and to learn about how these systems work, because you want to be sure they’re fixed before you need the heating again, right?

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

To put it simply, a heat pump moves the heated air from one area to another. A heat pump in the summer takes heated air from inside the home and puts it outside, allowing rooms indoors to cool. They may seem like costly investments, but they are extremely environmentally friendly and may be quite compact.

In the summer, the refrigerant is a low-pressure gas when it enters the compressor of the HVAC unit. After compression, it turns into a high-pressure gas and is moved into the condenser unit. In the condenser unit, the refrigerant turns into a cool liquid, which then moves into the evaporator. At that point, it absorbs ambient heat and turns into a gas, which is then moved into the compressor unit again.

What Are The Different Types of Heat Pumps?

There are several different types of heat pumps that you can use in your home to ensure comfort.

A packaged heat pump is self-contained and includes both the compressor and heat exchangers. This one connects to the ductwork in your home to spread the air throughout the home.

The most common types of heat pumps used in residential properties are air-source pumps and ground source pumps. An air-source pump is one that pulls heat from the air. These pumps move warm air indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer.

A ground source (or geothermal pump) uses the earth as a heat sink in the summer, pushing the heat into the ground. During the winter, it pulls the heat from the same source.

How to Prep a Heat Pump for the Summer?

To make sure your heat pump cools your home in the summer months, you’ll have to switch it to cooling mode- but that’s a simple process. First, switch the thermostat from heat to cool. Then, switch the fan to auto so that it doesn’t run all day.

At Triple T, we want to make sure that you’re comfortable in your home. We are ready and able to help you ensure that your heat pump is ready to help you stay cool as the heat hits Utah. Our technicians can also service your heating system to ensure that it is ready when the summer winds down. Contact us today to schedule maintenance or a checkup of your system.