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When the weather heats up, it’s a natural thought – drag out the sprinklers and try to remember to water the lawn. The trouble is, keeping the lawn looking green and lush, and having people home more leads to using quite a bit more water, and this means higher bills.

At Triple T, we know how tempting it can be to keep your lawn and plants looking gorgeous, but we also know that when the water bill increases, it can be a shocker. This week, we’re offering a few tips that will help you manage your water consumption throughout the hot summer days in Washington and Utah County.

6 Tips to Reduce Water Waste in the Summertime
  • Let Your Grass Grow to 3-3.5 Inches High. This may be a surprise, and it may take some time to get used to the look of your taller lawn, but it can help in several ways. Taller grass protects the roots from sun damage. It also helps to keep the water from evaporating after you water the lawn.
  • Use the Clothes Washer and Dishwasher Only When Full. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the clothes washer is the biggest user of water, with 25 gallons peruse. The dishwasher uses significantly less, about 6 gallons. Careful use of both can save money, energy, and wear and tear on the machines.
  • Set Up the Sprinkler in the Correct Place. Don’t just toss your sprinkler out in the yard. If you’re using that sort of system for yard irrigation and plant care, make sure the stream gets to plants and isn’t drenching places that don’t need it- like your deck, patio or sidewalk.
  • Water Your Lawn and Plants at the Right Times. you can’t just water your lawn whenever you think about it. The best time to give your lawn and plants a little liquid love is to do so between 4 am and 10 am. It’s generally cooler in those hours, and there’s less evaporation potential. You may want to consider looking into a programmable controller that only waters when the temps are appropriate based on settings you input.
  • Consider Conducting a Water Use Audit. A water-use audit can tell you just how much water you’re using, and can also help identify problem areas. You can do this in several ways: by looking at your bill, by using a meter, or by measuring the flow from each fixture in your house, and how many minutes a day you use each. Then multiply the flow average by how many times each fixture or appliance is used in a week. If it’s an amount you’re not okay with, you may want to contact a professional to assess your plumbing systems and look for leaks.

At Triple T Heating, we know how important it is to our customers that they can save a little money and have an efficient plumbing system. We can be of help if you find leaks in your plumbing system or want a professional to survey your system and look for trouble spots. Contact us today in Washington County by calling (801) 335-6261.