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Stay cool this spring and summer

Stay cool this spring and summer with these simple action items

Want to save a little energy this spring, and summer? Who doesn’t especially after a winter that screamed for heaters and warmth?

The U.S. Department of Energy offers a variety of tips to manage your energy use and save a little cash through the spring and summer, and at Triple T, we think these are great things to consider.

Six Tips to Help Lower Energy Use During the Spring and Summer
Conduct an Energy Audit.

You can call in a professional for a thorough examination of each room in your home. Or, you can do a cursory energy assessment on your own. This type of inspection is important to identify sources of air leaks, examine the condition of your insulation, and even look at energy use from things you might not normally think of, like lighting and appliances. Our trained professionals can help you conduct an energy audit and determine if your appliances could use an upgrade for efficiency.

Use Thermostat Efficiently.

Set the thermostat to kick on at the highest temperature that is comfortable for you, to lower your overall energy bill and reduce your usage. Often, people find that setting the temperature at 78 degrees when you’re home is not only a comfortable temperature for you, but also for your wallet. Consider using a programmable thermostat which makes it easy to control your heating, and cooling units even when you’re away from home.

Use Fans and Windows to Cool When You Are Home

Open the windows and turn on the fans at night to cool the house while the sun is down. Then, as you go about your morning, make closing the windows and shades part of your routine to trap some of the cool air and keep the hot air out. Using fans will help to circulate the cool air and will lessen the need for the air conditioning unit to run. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using your ceiling fan allows you to raise the thermostat up to four degrees without discomfort.

Avoid Using Heat-Generating Appliances on Warm Days

The oven and stove in the kitchen throw off a staggering amount of heat in a short period of time. On hot days, cooking outside, or using the microwave can help to cool your home. Consider using heat-generating appliances on cooler days to avoid the heat buildup when temps are rising outside.

Spend Time Downstairs

Heat rises. If you live in a multi-level home, shift some of your activity to the lower levels of your home, where it will stay cooler.

Make Sure the Ceiling Fan Spins the Right Way for the Season

Did you know that your ceiling fans can spin in two directions? When the fan blades spin counter-clockwise, it pushes the air downward, which can have a cooling effect. In the winter, turn the switch so that the blades spin clockwise, this will push the warm air upward.

If you’re in the market for an energy audit or want some help fixing issues with your AC or heating units, don’t hesitate to give us a call at either Triple T location. In Utah County, call (801) 335-6261.