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Home Heater Maintenance

Like most people, your life is so busy that you probably let some things fall through the cracks. While working, raising kids, and attending to your many other obligations, you might unwittingly neglect your furnace, for example, eventually leading to costly repairs. Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep your system in excellent condition and delay the need for furnace repairs.

Change the Filter Regularly

Arguably the best thing you can do for your furnace is to clean or replace the filter regularly. If you fail to replace the filter, the inside of your furnace will become filthy, compromising its function, increasing your energy bill, and shortening your system’s lifespan. Experts recommend changing standard fiberglass furnace filters once a month, though other filters don’t need to be changed as often. Electrostatic filters only need to be replaced once every six months or so.

Reduce the Pressure on Your System

Generally speaking, furnaces are very hardy appliances; they have to be if they’re going to run nonstop during the winter. Still, you can reduce the amount you spend on furnace repairs and increase your system’s lifespan if you take some of the pressure off your system. You can do this by eliminating leaks around your doors and windows, installing more insulation, and setting your thermostat to a lower temperature during the winter. The lower the heating demand, the less your system has to work to maintain your desired temperature.

Opt for an Annual Tune Up

While there are a few things you can do to maintain your furnace, there’s no substitute for a professional tune up. A skilled heater repair technician from Spanish Fork’s Triple-T Plumbing, Heating & Air can identify and address small problems before they become big ones, increasing your furnace’s lifespan and helping your system maintain maximum efficiency. The best time to have your furnace inspected is just before the heating season, though a late tune up is better than forgoing it altogether.