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Picture of snowfall in forest

Cooler, even cold weather is here. Are you ready?

In many homes, space heaters are considered an option if a homeowner is looking to take the chill off of just one single room, but, they aren’t the safest of options, and they may not be the most economical either.

At Triple T, we want you to get the most warmth for your money and to do it safely. We offer heating system inspections, maintenance, even replacement and installation when necessary.

Before You Rush Out For A Space Heater

There are many space heaters available on the market, but they don’t work the same efficiency. There are things we suggest you try before you head to a big box store to purchase a heater; these tips can help you to diagnose problems, even fix them yourself, which can lessen the need for heating in only certain rooms.

  • Check registers to make sure they’re open. If you find that heating vents are closed, that will keep the room cooler than areas of your home that do have registers open. Make sure you’re not blocking the vents with furniture. That could cause uneven heating in your home, destroy your furniture, or even increase the potential of fire.
  • Check the furnace filters. If you have a dirty or clogged filter, this keeps the warm air from traveling where it needs to go.
  • Use draft blockers. These pieces are easy to use, just set them against the windowsill, sliding glass doors, and door jams. Because they’re solid, they don’t let the air pass into the room.
  • Seal the windows with strippable caulk. Like traditional caulk, this is great for stopping air leaks. It’s easy to apply and is applied like traditional caulk. Then when you’re done with it and the weather turns warmer, just peel it off. Strippable caulk is available at a variety of home improvement stores.
Do’s and Don’ts of Space Heater Usage

If you’re determined that a space heater is the best option for your home, there are a few things we hope you keep in mind:

Do: Clean the space heater. Dust gathers and accumulates in the system. You’ll want to turn it off, unplug it and then wipe down the surface with a microfiber cloth. Use compressed air to dislodge dirt and dust, and then use a vacuum to remove it.

Don’t: Use a gas space heater without ventilation. There’s always the potential of carbon monoxide exposure with a space heater. To reduce your risk, make sure windows are open and air flows freely.

Do: Supervise children and pets. This is a common piece of advice for a reason. When a space heater is tipped over, it raises the potential for fire danger. Small children and pets can unintentionally knock a space heater over easily.

Don’t: Place the heater on an uneven surface or soft carpet. It’s safer if you make sure the heater is on a flat, smooth surface, like linoleum, hardwood, or even tile. That provides stability and lessens the possibility that a heater will tip over.

If you’re interested in a heating system inspection, or you’re in the market to replace your current system, our team can help! Call 801-798-7711 to connect with us and schedule a consultation.