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Common Holiday Plumbing ProblemsThe holidays are a time of increased cooking and baking; there are often more people coming into your home than otherwise might be throughout other times during the year. More activity and people means that your plumbing system is going to get more action than it otherwise might deal within an average month or so.

At Triple T, we know how complicated life gets this time of year, and we want to make sure that plumbing issues won’t be an issue that you have to deal with. We’ve seen the results of that sort of problem, and it’s no fun for anyone. Here are a few of the most common issues that you may face during this holiday season, and how you might avoid those problems.

5 Common Holiday Plumbing Problems and What To Do
  • The Dishwasher Won’t Drain. – If you’re feeding a crowd, a dishwasher is a must. A dishwasher that doesn’t drain doesn’t clean your plates and cups and that doesn’t help anyone. There are a few things you can do to clear the issue, which is likely food blocking the drain. You need to remove the drain basket first, then clean the basket and the inside of the dishwasher. Make sure you get the gunk out of the space where the basket sits when it’s installed and put it back together. There’s a reason Mom tells you to rinse your dishes, and this is it.
  • The Toilet Tank Runs and it Didn’t Before. – You know the sound of a running toilet. It’s the constant whoosh or almost a whine of air and trickles of water as the tank tries to fill. There are a couple of reasons your toilet may start running. It might be a problem with the flapper valve; it may be as simple as reattaching the chain to the flush lever, but it may also be that the valve is dried out and doesn’t work as it should. Typically, the best fix for a worn flapper valve is to replace the whole thing.
  • The Garbage Disposal Died. – Like the dishwasher, the disposal is a key to a smoothly running kitchen during a holiday dinner. If your disposal stops working, it may be because of a couple of things: the drain that connects the trap assembly could be clogged; the fitting on the disposal may be clogged. To fix this, you’ll have to get under the sink and check the pipes for clogs, especially in the sharp bend of the trap. If it’s not there, it’s likely a problem in the connection of the drain going to the wall, or in the vertical drain pipe. A snake can often clear those clogs.
  • The Kitchen Sink Doesn’t Drain. – If your kitchen sink doesn’t drain, there are a couple of steps you can take to remove the clogs. First, if the clog is small and you’re just noticing a potential issue, use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Put these down the drain and let them sit for about 15 minutes before running water through. If that doesn’t work, grab the plunger and run the water as you try to plunge out the problem.
  • The Hot Water Heater Can’t Keep Up. – A water heater that can’t keep up can make cleanup a struggle. The best way to make sure yours isn’t a problem is to schedule an inspection by a plumbing professional. Triple T technicians can look for corrosion, for potential issues in the heating element, and even check for sediment buildup in the unit itself.

Our technicians can help you find the right solution for slow draining sinks and other plumbing issues in the Provo, Utah and Utah County area. Give Triple T a call today to schedule an examination of your plumbing.