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Celebrate National HVAC Tech DayHas an HVAC tech come out and rescued you from a hot, sticky home when your AC decided to go on the fritz on the hottest day of the year? Maybe your heating went out right before a holiday party, and your HVAC tech came and fixed it quickly, so you could still welcome your guests. If you have an HVAC hero, don’t forget to mark your calendar for June 22—National HVAC Tech Day.

Why do people celebrate their HVAC techs on this day? Of course, HVAC techs serve to keep you comfortable year-round, with everything from emergency repairs to seasonal maintenance, but they also help you save money. Your HVAC system is one of the biggest energy users in your home, and HVAC techs can help make sure it is working as efficiently as possible.

A perfect way to celebrate National HVAC Tech Day is to make an appointment for service with Triple T Heating and Cooling. Schedule HVAC service in Spanish Fork and St. George by calling 801-798-7711.