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Having warm water in a home is a must, and a water heater is an appliance that is often taken for granted, until it stops working. Worse yet, a water heater tank is something that can become over-pressurized and, when this happens they can explode with incredible force, potentially causing catastrophic injury or death and severe property damage.

Here are seven reasons why your water heater needs regular servicing.

Water Heater Pressure

A service technician can ensure that your water heater has a pressure relief device installed that will prevent any sort of explosion due to extreme temperatures. The temperature of a water heater should never exceed 212 degrees, and a pressure release value should be replaced every three years. A regular servicing can also make temperature adjustments to your unit as needed.

Water Heater Draining

Most water heaters should be drained a couple of times a year. The recommended frequency depends on your model and manufacturer’s recommendations. A water heater service technician can safely drain your unit for you.

Sediment in the Tank

Believe it or not, the water in a water heater tank becomes very dirty over time. Your water heater tank will fill up with sediment that will need to be flushed out so that the unit can function at its best. A proper servicing can flush out this sediment before refilling your tank.

Gas Water Heater Maintenance

If you have a gas water heater, there will be a small flame called a pilot light close to the bottom of the heater. Gas heaters should have this element serviced by having the ports and burner cleaned so that they operate both safely and efficiently.

Leaks and Drips

Over time, water heaters can develop small leaks and drips that both waste precious water and cause damage to your floor. A regular water heater servicing can identify these tiny leaks and take measures to put to stop to them.

Water Heater Parts

Water heaters have parts that tend to wear out over time. By doing regular servicing, you can have things like the element, anode rod, drain and the hoses checked in case something needs to be replaced. Keeping the parts on your water heater in top shape can extend the life of your water heater.

Proper Insulation

A water heater service tech can help you to properly insulate both your water heater pipes and the unit itself. This helps with efficiency and prevents condensation on the pipes, extending their life.

Whether it is a conventional unit or tankless water heating system, your water heater is a crucial appliance in your home. Regular water heating service can help it operate more efficiently, prevent serious mishaps, as well as extend its life.