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Traditional heating and cooling systems have been around for a generation – a centralized unit that heats and cools all the rooms in your home through ducts and vents. While they have served their purpose, new technologies are providing alternatives for superior home comfort, in summer and winter.

Ductless systems can be indoor or outdoor units. They may be small but they are seriously powerful, strong enough to heat a home even when temperatures outside are well below 0 degrees. While mighty, they are extremely quiet with indoor units rated at noise decibels lower than a human whisper.

Because ductless systems only focus on individual rooms and living spaces instead of whole homes and businesses, they provide comfort suited to that particular room and occupant needs.

How Do Ductless Systems Work?

In a ductless system, compressor speed is controlled in a way that maximizes efficiency. The system changes speed like adaptive cruise control, avoiding the harsh, repetitive starts and stops that waste energy. They feature new technology with an inverter-driven heat pump, which provides hot air from the start, without the drafts.

Ductless systems also feature an advanced, multi-part filtration system, which cleans the air to reduce contaminants. In addition to removing odors and allergens, they even clean bacteria and viruses from the air creating a healthier environment for the home.

A Superior Comfort Solution

Ductless systems have the latest technology with sensors that detects the temperature throughout the room. If a temperature difference is detected in an areas such as close to the floor or near the ceiling, the unit adjusts to keep a steady temperature and you comfortable.

Not only do they heat and cool better, they also are also incredibly efficient. One of our Triple-T team members recently installed several units in his home and the family saw no increase in their utility bill. And if there are rooms in your home not in use, simply dial back your ductless unit in the room to save even more energy.

There are ductless option units for single rooms, multiple-zones, or entire homes or businesses. They come in different shapes and styles and can be mounted in different places, including recessed into the ceiling, or discreetly on a wall.

Ductless systems typically offer an optional Internet gateway allowing you to remotely monitor and control temperatures in your home. This can be done on your smartphone, tablet, PC, at any time from any place.

Installation and Maintenance

With ductless systems, there are no lengthy duct systems to contend with and air that has to blow through long passage ways. This makes them much easier to install without any messy renovation. In addition to mounting and connecting the refrigerant lines, there are only a few electrical connections required.

Filters in ductless units are easy to maintain. They can last up to ten years with regular cleaning.

Easy Expansion

One of the great things about ductless systems is that if you don’t need or can’t afford customized comfort in each room, homes and businesses often have problem rooms such as upstairs rooms, basements, sunrooms, computer/media rooms, or garages. Ductless systems can work independently of a centralized system providing comfort in rooms that are difficult to obtain a desired temperature.

Ductless cooling and heating systems are a perfect solution for when there is expansion or renovation on a home, providing comfort to new areas. Ductless units are also a fantastic solution for casitas and accessory units. They also work great for homes without space for duct work and even on enclosed patios.

At Triple-T, we offer several different types of ductless systems, with models that are rated ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Models. Call us for a free estimate for your home or business!