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A new air conditioner is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. To make sure that you get the longest life out of your new air conditioner, or to extend the life of your current air conditioner, make sure that you keep up with routine maintenance and repair. Whether you maintain your own air conditioner or hire an AC service company in St. George to do the work for you, these maintenance tips will help keep you cool for many years to come.

Replace the Filters

Your air conditioning system is comprised of numerous filters that help keep dirt, pollen, and other particulates from circulating through the actual cooling system. When these filters become dirty and clogged, the air conditioner is forced to work harder to draw air through the system, which places additional strain on the AC unit and shortens its life expectancy. Check each filter every month and clean or replace as necessary. At the minimum, replace each filter every three months.

Clean the Evaporator

If your air conditioner’s evaporator is accessible, try to clean it at least once per year. To clean the evaporator, you will need to remove the foil-wrapped insulation at the front of plenum, typically located directly above the furnace. Use a stiff brush to clean the underside of the evaporator unit, and clean the tray below the evaporator as well. If you cannot reach the evaporator, hire an AC service and repair company in St. George to clean it for you.

Clean the Condenser

In most home air conditioning systems, the condenser unit is located outside, somewhere along the side of your house. Because it is outside, the condenser unit is prone to accumulating dirt and debris from trees, lawn mowing, and airborne dust. Clean the condenser fins with a soft brush to remove dirt, and be sure to keep the area around the housing clear of grass, weeds, and vines that cold obstruct the airflow.