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How has your air conditioner been running lately? Are there any suspicious signs that your AC needs repair? Of course, you would know for sure how your air conditioner is fairing if you had maintained it this past spring. That’s when most HVAC professionals recommend getting an AC tune-up because it prepares the system for the hot summer ahead.

An AC technician looks over everything carefully during a maintenance visit. Inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting various system components helps the technician ensure your system will operate safely and efficiently all season long.

Now that summer is almost over, you may think you should just wait until next year to have your air conditioner maintained. The thing is, there’s still plenty of hot weather to come. And in reality, scheduling maintenance consistently and frequently is more important than getting the exact timing right. Explore the many reasons why annual maintenance is so important, even if you’re a little late getting it this year.

Hot weather can last well into autumn.

Here in Utah, it’s not uncommon to have late-season heat waves well into October, meaning there are still plenty of opportunities to run your air conditioner before retiring it for the winter. If this happens, you’ll be grateful to have a fully functional air conditioner you can count on to keep your home comfortable.

In fact, if you notice that some rooms feel stuffy and uncomfortable, this is a sign that your air conditioner is begging for routine maintenance. Once the job is done, you’ll enjoy improved airflow, lower humidity, and better temperature control for the rest of the cooling season.

Skipping AC maintenance raises your utility bills.

If you think you’ll save money by skipping AC maintenance this year, think again. Each year you forego preventative tune-ups, your system loses about 5% of its efficiency. This makes sense when you realize that components get dusty, stiff, and off balance over time. The performance dip only gets steeper the more years in a row you skip service, meaning you end up paying more to cool your home because the AC has to work harder to do its job.

On the other hand, if you hire a technician to clean, oil, and tune up your air conditioner, you can trust that your energy costs will remain as low as possible, even while you run the AC as often as needed to keep your family comfortable.

Most breakdowns are the result of poor maintenance.

Did you know that up to 85% of HVAC repairs and emergency calls can be traced to neglect? This means your system has a much greater risk of breaking down toward the end of the season if you didn’t maintain it in the spring. Minimize this risk by prioritizing annual maintenance, even if it’s a few months later than usual.

HVAC maintenance helps reduce breakdowns because the technician looks for areas that are succumbing to wear and tear. Then, before it can grow into an urgent and costly problem, the technician performs a small, affordable repair or replacement. This keeps your system running reliably and efficiently for its entire lifespan. In fact, you may avoid most, if not all, emergency breakdowns simply by never letting a year go by without an air conditioning tune-up!

Every year you skip AC maintenance could take a year off its lifespan.

When you want your car to last longer, you get regular oil changes and tune-ups. You take your car to the shop when it makes strange noises, and you don’t ignore other signs of wear and tear. The same should go for your air conditioner.

An AC unit should last at least 10 to 15 years, but without routine maintenance, the system could break down years before its time. This could end up costing you thousands of dollars in premature replacement costs, money you could be putting toward family fun this summer. Make sure you never have to face unexpected air conditioning repairs or replacements by investing in regular maintenance.

Skipping an AC tune-up could void your warranty.

The warranty coverage on your relatively new air conditioner provides peace of mind—but this feeling could be misplaced if you don’t adhere to the terms set by the manufacturer. For most companies, one of those terms is scheduling air conditioner maintenance once per calendar year.

If you skip a tune-up this time around, you could be forced to pay out of pocket for repairs that should have been under warranty. Don’t let this happen to you! Schedule this year’s service before it’s too late, and hold onto your maintenance records in case you need to file a claim.

Yearly inspections are included if you have an HVAC service plan.

When you sign up for an HVAC service membership from Triple T Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you have no reason to wait until next summer to schedule AC maintenance. A comprehensive, 32-point inspection is included with your plan, along with other great benefits like priority scheduling, repair discounts, and waived diagnostic fees. Becoming a member with us is a wise, proactive decision that will save you money and hassle for many years to come.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in Utah County or Washington County, UT

Clearly, you can always benefit from air conditioning maintenance, no matter the season! It’s only ever too late for an AC tune-up if your air conditioner has broken down entirely and is beyond repair. Hopefully, you won’t let it come to that!

Please contact Triple T to schedule AC maintenance, whether it’s early spring, mid-summer, or almost fall. You can reach us at 801-790-0460 to request services in Utah County or at 435-216-1608 if you live in Washington County.