Dealing with a Furnace Emergency

Emergencies with your heating tend to strike at exactly the wrong time—like on the coldest night of the year or when you have a house full of guests. If you’re having a problem with your furnace, one decision you may face is whether your repairs can wait for a service call during normal business hours […]

What to Expect When Your New Furnace Is Installed

Getting a new furnace means you’re getting heating you can count on and usually better energy efficiency than your old system. Your heating installation specialist can walk you through what to expect on the day you get your furnace, but this information will also help you get ready for the process. Keep in mind that it is essential […]

Signs Your Heating System Is About to Leave You in the Cold

Is trouble brewing with your heating system? Some people only find out when it is too late—that is, when they are shivering when their heating gives out on a cold winter night. The good news is that doesn’t have to be you. By paying attention to some of the signs that your heating is developing some major problems, […]

Why Heating Inspections Are Critical for Better Energy Efficiency

It’s easy to be tempted to ignore your heating unless you spot an obvious problem with it, but in reality, preventative maintenance plays an important role in getting the most from your system. In addition to ensuring that your heating is keeping your home as comfortable as possible, inspections and maintenance can improve the energy […]

How Ductless Heating Works

Ductless heating systems draw air from outside to heat or cool the home, but they don’t have any ducts through which air runs. Instead, lines feed into wall-mounted units from an outside unit to provide the appropriate air for the interior space.   Watch this video to learn more about how ductless heating systems work. Many […]

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