Use These Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Winter

Use These Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Winter

undefinedWhen it’s cold outside, it’s understandable that you want to stay inside where it’s warm. Longer, hot showers and bubble baths are welcoming and the thermostats go a little higher in the winter to ward off the chill.

With increased heat use inside, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture also increases, there’s a risk of increased mold growth. The winter months are the perfect time for mold issues to creep up, especially near sources of water.


At Triple T in Utah County, we don’t want you to develop a mold problem. We offer these tips to help you prevent mold growth:

  1. Use a fan in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen are two of the areas where mold can most easily grow. Using an exhaust fan or even opening a window can increase air circulation, which helps to lessen the potential of mold.
  2. Make sure window and door seals are strong. When seals are cracked or old, they’re less likely to keep the warm air in and the moisture out. Redo seals if necessary, and you’ll lessen the risk.
  3. Check pipes for cracks and make sure they are insulated. When pipes, walls, or windows have an excess of condensation, it’s a good idea to dry them out and determine the source. Pipes with heavy condensation may have a crack somewhere. Walls and windows may have condensation from high humidity indoors or from a leak.
  4. Turn off water to broken pipes or malfunctioning appliances. This seems like a no-brainer, but in moments of panic, it is a step that can be forgotten. By turning off the water, you’ll lessen the potential for mold growth or water damage.
  5. Vacuum and clean regularly. Removing the dirt and debris regularly can make it harder for mold to grow, because it feeds on organic materials. Also, keep items like paper and books out of rooms where there are moisture issues, because mold will grow on paper and books.
  6. Keep indoor humidity low – a range of 45-55 percent is the common recommendation. This is because during the winter, that’s the area when and where bacteria, mites, viruses, and fungi are less likely to grow and cause problems.
  7. Use products designed to kill mold in rooms where there’s a higher potential for mold growth. It’s important to make sure that the room is ventilated to let the fumes out, and to allow the room to get fresh air in.

At Triple T, we want your family to be healthy and happy this winter. The air quality and lack of mold issues can go a long way to ensuring that your home is comfortable, and that your family is indeed healthy and happy.  

If you’re concerned about your drains, furnace or plumbing, in the winter months, give Triple T a call at (801) 335-6261 in Utah County.