Issues to Look for With your HVAC this Winter

Issues to Look for With your HVAC this Winter

At Triple T Heating, we understand how important it is to have a warm and cozy home. It's not just about the warmth, but it's also about safety. These tips are aimed not only to keep a home comfortable but safe for residents.

5 Things to Watch For to Keep Your Home this Winter

  1. Check for Drainage Issues

A drainage problem can create costly issues. It is important to make sure that the heat pump can drain properly, and there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that happens. The first is to ensure that the unit is high enough to avoid being in the snow or water. Also, make sure it is on a sturdy, steady base. This should keep the pump from dripping and leaking or draining improperly.

  1. Check Windows and Doors for Drafts, and Coils for Airflow Issues

If the heat escapes from windows and doors, it won't matter if your furnace is working properly, because it won't heat your home efficiently. Another potential issue to look for is a blockage in the filters, or even in the air coils. These issues can all lead to inconsistent heating, which is definitely not a comfortable thing.

  1. Check the Heat Pump for Refrigerant Issues

Low levels of refrigerant, whether brought on by leaks or regular usage, can cause your heat pump to blow cold air. That's the exact opposite of what you're looking for in the winter, right? If your refrigerant charge levels are low or there are leaks, this may be a reason. If not, maybe the thermostat is set improperly.

  1. Clear Space to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Issues

Carbon monoxide is hard to detect, and it's deadly. In addition to installing detectors in your home, it is important to make sure that your furnace has been maintained properly, and the areas around it are clear and clean. In addition to regular maintenance (including checks for cracks and blockage) and regular cleaning of the furnace itself, you'll want to make sure the furnace isn't surrounded by stuff. Combustible items shouldn't be stored anywhere near the furnace, and other items should be at least six inches from the vent pipe.

  1. Don't Panic if the Heat Pump Freezes

In extremely cold weather, it's not unusual for a heat pump to end up covered with ice. But, this isn't always a reason to panic, or think that it isn't going to do its job. Heat pumps use refrigerant in the defrost cycle when things get cold outside to melt the ice, while a backup cycle pushes heat into your home. However, if the heat pump is still running after half an hour or more in defrost mode, you'll want to call us and we'll take a look.

At Triple T, we want everyone in your home to be comfortable and toasty warm this winter. Call us at (801) 335-6261 if you're concerned with your HVAC unit this winter. We'll get it running properly!