Why Gas Furnaces Need Regular Service

Why Gas Furnaces Need Regular Service

undefinedIf you have a gas furnace, it’s prudent to have it serviced annually at a minimum. Gas furnaces can last a long time with proper maintenance but it’s important to make sure that they are well maintained. While many people don’t understand why a gas furnace needs regular service at all, here are a few reasons to consider.


Gas furnaces contain carbon monoxide. It’s important to do a regular gas furnace servicing for the obvious reason that it is a large machine with carbon monoxide in it. If gas begins to leak, either directly or through the piping, that can become a potentially toxic problem for homeowners to deal with later. If you don’t have your furnace properly checked by a professional, there is always the possibility of leakage.

A regular service inspection will include a check of how effectively the gas furnace is working, as well as check what chemicals the furnace is releasing. By making sure that the furnace has no possible leaks which could be pushing carbon monoxide directly into the house, your HVAC professional is keeping your home safe and habitable. It’s also wise to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home to catch leaks early.


Gas furnaces also deal with vents that go throughout the house, so it’s important to check for blockages that could be keeping your furnace from effectively heating your home. Not doing this can also become much more expensive over time as it costs more to heat areas where that heater is blocked.

Making sure that there are no blockages that can make your heater less effective over time not only helps your heater, it helps your heating bill. You may want to consider replacing your furnace sooner as new models have more powerful, energy efficient features.


Not only will a gas furnace inspection usually include blockage and checking for carbon monoxide release, the technician will check for any problems in the basic components of the furnace including the grills, filters, and wiring. This is a part of maintenance that helps to ensure that your gas furnace operates as efficiently as possible.

Making sure that your gas furnace works optimally is preventative maintenance that will provide you with peace of mind. After all, if there is a problem that arises with your furnace later, it might be much more expensive to have a technician come out and repair it in an emergency or require a premature replacement. Be proactive and avoid such potential problems well in advance with regular gas furnace service.