Solve These Hvac Issues and Keep Your Home Toasty Warm!

Solve These Hvac Issues and Keep Your Home Toasty Warm!

undefinedThe winter months are tough on a home heating system. In addition to increased usage that puts strain on the system, there are sometimes issues that pop up only when the weather is cold. Some of these issues, like inconsistent room temperatures, may have solutions that you can implement on your own, while others call for a professional’s touch.


If your heating system fails to keep your home warm enough, it can be due to one of several problems:               `

  • Inconsistent room temperatures: It may be something simple, like heating vents not being open when they should be, but there may be a couple or other issues causing some rooms to be colder than others. Unbalanced air flow may be caused by dirty coils or dirty air filters. There could even be a blockage inside the duct work of your HVAC system.
  • Insulation issues: There can be several different issues related to your home’s insulation that could cause your home to be chilly. Drafty doors and windows can steal the precious warmth from your home, no matter how long the furnace runs. Damaged insulation can cause you to use more heat than you’d normally need and to spend more money than you’d want to. Damaged insulation could lead to other issues too, like mold.
  • Coil freezing: This could be due to a coolant issue. In order to work properly, Coolant in your HVAC system’s coils must have a lower temperature than the air outside. In the winter, this can be a problem because it gets so cold outside. Condensation on the coils leads to freezing, if the HVAC unit’s defrost system is not working properly. As the coils freeze and ice builds up, a heat pump transitions to a cooling mode and sends heated refrigerant through the frozen outside coils to defrost the system. When the coils are no longer blocked, the system switches back to heating and resumes sending coolant through the coils as necessary.
  • Sudden loss of heat: It is never pleasant to have a sudden loss of heat. There are a variety of reasons this might occur. If power failure isn’t the issue, it could be the ignition system. If you suspect an ignition or pilot light problem, call a trained HVAC technician at Triple T Heating. Ignition system problems are not something for the average homeowner to take care of on their own.

If you’re having heating issues this winter, don’t hesitate to schedule a repair call with one of our trained professionals at Triple-T Heating.