Have a Noisy Toilet? There May Be an Easy Fix

Have a Noisy Toilet? There May Be an Easy Fix

undefinedA constantly running toilet is more than annoying- it’s a sign that there’s an issue to take care of, Not only is it a waste of your money as the water cycles in and out of the tank, it’s a waste of perfectly good water too.

There are a couple of common issues that cause a toilet to continually fill and empty, and they typically have easy fixes. However, if you’re not the hands-on repair it yourself type, our trained technicians at Triple T would be glad to help with that loud, running toilet. 


There’s an issue with the flapper (also known as the flush valve). This is an obvious issue if you take the tank lid off of your toilet when you hear the running water. The chain may have detached from the flush lever; the rubber of the flapper may be old and worn out; the flapper may not close after a flush. 

The flush handle may be too long or incorrectly positioned. This doesn’t allow the flapper to open enough for a full flush. It can be fixed.

There may be issues with the overflow valve and water supply valve. It’s possible that the water supply valve. You may need to adjust the valves, or replace the water supply valve.


Assuming the flapper is the problem, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem.

Check the chain length and adjust if needed. If the chain connecting the flush lever and flapper is too short, it won’t let the flapper close. If the chain is the appropriate length, check the next tip.

Check to see if the chain has disconnected from the flush lever. When the chain slips off the lever, there’s a strong likelihood that your toilet will run. The chain can disconnect from the flush lever when corrosion or rust occurs on the chain and/or lever. Often, it can be fixed by replacing the flush handle on your toilet. 

If the flapper isn’t worn, or the chain isn’t the issue, check the water level and the float position.

Adjust the overflow tube. Ensure that the fill tube is connected to the overflow tube; if it’s not, attach it again and make sure it is positioned to stick up about 1/2 inch above the overflow tube.

Check the float positioning and fill height. The float inside the tank should tell the pump when water isn’t needed. The lower the float is positioned, the less water is needed in the tank. You’ll want to be sure the water level is lower than the critical level mark on the valve.

If you’ve done these things and your toilet is still noisy, it might be time to call in the professionals (like us!) and let us work our magic. Contact Triple T today by phone or fill out our contact form to schedule a service call.