If you’re looking for water heater installation services in Utah County, it’s time to contact Triple-T Plumbing, Heating & Air. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and with over 40 years in business, we have earned a reputation as one of Utah’s most trusted provider of plumbing, heating and cooling services.

The Importance of Professional Installation

water-softenerNext to heating and cooling systems, the water heater is the largest consumer of energy in the average household. Installing any type of water heater is a complicated affair that requires the practiced hand of a professional. The incoming and outgoing water connections need to be sealed, the unit must be fully connected to its power source, and all the components have to be in just the right place.

The smallest installation error can reduce the system’s lifespan, dampen its energy efficiency, and even void the manufacturer warranty.

There are several different kinds of water heaters to choose from; here are two of the most common:

Conventional Storage Tank Unit: This is the water heater that most homeowners are familiar with. As the name suggests, a conventional storage tank unit is comprised of a large tank (usually 20-80 gallons) in which hot water is kept until it’s summoned via a plumbing fixture or appliance. These units are relatively inexpensive and usually last at least 10 years.

Tankless Unit: A tankless unit does not keep a constant supply of hot water; rather, it uses a sophisticated heating element to heat water on demand. Tankless water heaters are much more energy efficient than conventional storage tank units, though they cost more up front.  You can learn more about their many other benefits here.

The Triple-T Guarantee

We offer our Northern Utah water heater installation clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty on all parts and labor. During installation, we will put down drop cloths and wear shoe covers to ensure that your property remains clean and undamaged.

Professional installation of water heaters is essential for maximizing your system’s efficiency, lifespan, and overall function. By having your equipment installed by Triple-T Plumbing, Heating & Air of Utah, you will help ensure years of proper function.

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