A toilet is among the most important, useful features in your home and only when they become nonfunctional do you realize their true value! There are a variety of things that can go wrong with a toilet; here are a few common problems that plumbers can help solve.

Toilet Won’t Flush

Pushing the handle lifts a chain, which in turn lifts a flapper valve. Water in the tank then flows through the value into the toilet bowl. When the tank is empty, the flapper value closes and the tank refills. If the toilet won’t flush, the handle may be too lose or tight, or the lift arm may be bent or broken. Alternately, the lift arm and lift chain connection may be out of alignment.


Water on the Floor Surrounding the Toilet

Water on the floor is a critical problem that can cause floor damage if not addressed immediately, especially if leaking is occurring. A connection may not be tight at the tank bolt, fill valve, or ballcock mounting nut. If all these connections are tight, the washers may need replacing. If the leaking occurs during a flush, the wax ring may be eroded. A more critical scenario would be a cracked toilet base, which requires a toilet replacement.


Toilet Keeps Running

A leaky toilet wastes water and money. A plumber will run some simple tests to determine if the problem is in the fill tank before resorting to a toilet replacement.


Loud Toilet

Check first to make sure the water supply line is fully opened. If this is not the problem, your plumber can diagnose and replace the fill valve diaphragm seal.


Stuck Toilet Handle

Minerals in water can cause a buildup around mounting nuts right behind the handle inside the tank. This should be a relatively straightforward fix, requiring a bit of cleaning and removal of lime buildup.


Sluggish Flush

The toilet may have a partial clog somewhere downstream. If water continues to back up into the bowl and then drains very slowly, this is symptomatic of a clog.


Suction Sound in Tub or Sink

If gurgling sounds come from the sink or tub when you flush, the toilet vent pipe may be partially clogged.  This is a more complicated fix, as it involves removing whatever might be lodging a rooftop vent pipe.

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