Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance for Spanish Fork and St. George, UT, Residents

Triple-T Heating & Cooling is constantly working to keep up to date with the latest technology, training our team to increase their ability to produce quality products, and maintain the integrity of our company motto: “Service Beyond Expectations.” We always strive to finish the job as quickly as possible while refusing to sacrifice quality, and our team is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Preventative care to save you time and money

At the very least, we recommend you have your air conditioning system inspected and serviced by professionals once every year before the summer seasons begins. This will ensure that all potential problems are addressed proactively and that you are prepared for summer heat wave with a fully functional and efficient air conditioning system.

Maintaining your A/C system proactively not only ensures that your home is comfortable and cool, but also that it provides a healthy environment for the ones that you love. With Triple-T Heating & Cooling, you can find the advice, products, and service you need to ensure the air you are breathing in your home is both comfortable and clean.

Our maintenance pricing includes all costs, like any parts and labor, so there are no surprise hidden expenses at the end on your invoice. We have a standard call-out fee, which includes dispatching our technician to your home or business, and the typical amount of time to perform an inspection. Once a safety issue is diagnosed or improvement areas are spotted, the technician will explain your options and costs before any additional work is done, using menu-style pricing to itemize each part of the process.

Maintaining indoor air quality

Did you know the air in your home has the potential to be more polluted than the air outside? The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the quality of the indoor air in your home has potential to be up to 10 times more polluted than the worst outdoor air! These disturbing statistics make it necessary to consider the status of your home’s indoor air quality maintenance.

Air filters in your air conditioning systems can impact the function and overall efficiency of your heater or air conditioner. In order to get the most out of your systems, we recommend regular maintenance and to change your filters periodically. Depending on the size and type of air filters you use, we suggest:

  • 1 inch – between 6 and 8 weeks
  • 4 inch – between 3 and 6 months
  • 6 to 8 inch – Between 6 and 12 months

Triple-T Heating & Cooling can help you improve indoor air quality and maintain air safety by performing a comprehensive 32-point cooling system tune-up. Yearly service programs are available. We have over 1,600 clients who believe in this proactive maintenance for peace of mind, safety, and efficiency. Our technicians are EPA certified, so we can make sure the air filters in your A/C system are clean and efficient, the building’s ventilation system is working properly, and the humidity levels are being maintained. As a family-oriented business, we prioritize improving the healthy atmosphere of your home; after all, we would want the same for our family.

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