Avoid Stress-Related Problems in Your Plumbing System with These Tips

Avoid Stress-Related Problems in Your Plumbing System with These Tips

undefinedStress is rarely good in most people’s daily lives, but it can also affect your home and your plumbing.  Over time stress in pipes can lead to leaks, especially if the issue is allowed to continue for an extended period of time.

If you’re worried about plumbing and stress in Provo Utah and the Utah County area, our team at Triple T Heating and Air can help you ensure strong, leak-free plumbing system and squash those worries. 


Before we talk about how to avoid stress in plumbing systems, it’s important to know what to look for. And it’s fairly simple. Leaks are a sign that you have problems in your pipes and if you don’t take care of them quickly, the leaks could lead to problems with the foundation of your home. 


Check your water pressure and reduce if necessary. High water pressure is convenient when you want a comfortable hot shower, but water pressure above 50 psi can cause problems, and 60 psi is the highest pressure level that plumbing professionals suggest having in a home. Over time, the pressure can cause the pipes to shift and eventually leak. You may need to install a pressure reducing valve if you have high water pressure.

Soften the water. Hard water can leave behind a buildup of minerals and gunk that can affect the health of your plumbing system and restrict the flow of water through the pipes. This can cause stress in the pipes and lead to significant leaks.

Watch what you put down the drain.  The only things that should go down a toilet drain is the toilet paper that your family members use. Items that are flushed can potentially block your own home’s plumbing, or the sewer pipes beyond. These items can cause the toilet to overflow, but if they block the plumbing it causes stress that leads to major problems.

Have a professional plumber perform maintenance tasks on a regular basis, taking an in-depth look. Regular maintenance is important to the health of your plumbing. While snaking the drain keeps it clear every once in awhile, some plumbing pros suggest the use of video cameras to scope out the plumbing, even after it’s been snaked out. Triple T recommends a plumbing walk through every 12 months.

Our technicians can help you find the right balance between your family’s desire for high pressure showers and the potential for plumbing stress in the Provo Utah and Utah County area.  Give Triple T a call today to schedule an examination of your plumbing.